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Come fly with us!

Experience e-foiling on Bonaire

Surf without
wind or waves

That's e-foiling in a nutshell. Our fliteboards, or electric surfboards, allow you to fly above water. All you have to do is find your balance and enjoy the ride.

Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-171.jpg
Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-171.jpg
Prices & Packages
Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-044.jpg

Book for 1 person

Have the boat, the instructor and the fliteboard all to yourself with a personal e-foil exprience.

60 mins | $200


Book for 2 people

Bring your buddy and experience e-foiling together. You can share a fliteboard or book one extra.

90 minutes | $250

Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-023.jpg

Book for 3 people

Are you bringing two friends? You can either switch between one board, or book one extra.

120 minutes | $300

Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-167.jpg

Book for 4 people

Learn e-foiling together. Either have one board or go foiling two by two, by booking an extra board.

150 mins | $360

Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-068.jpg

Book for 5 people

Five is the max amount of people we can bring on our boat. An extra board is recommended.

180 minutes | $400

Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-159.jpg


Want to spend as much time as possible on the board? Book an extra fliteboard or extra hour.

extra board/hour | $100

What's included?


boat trip

Pick up at your chosen location

Flightboards or -scooter

Helmets and

 impact vests

Professional instructor

Professional instructor and captain

Waterproof communication headset

Fliteschool Bonaire - True media & culture-158.jpg

Fliteboard & Flitescooter

Our fliteboards and flitescooter make it easy to ride at your own limit - from gently cruising to carving into water at eye-watering speed. It's what makes this sport accessible for all ages and levels of experience.

Capture your

Meet Puck, professional underwater and watersports photographer. Upon request, she will join your trip and create visual memories of you and your friends or family, flying over water. Say cheese!


1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4 persons

5 persons


60 mins

90 mins

120 mins

150 mins

180 mins








'Fantastic experience and great crew! You learn step-by-step how to ride the Fliteboard eFoil. Before you know it you’re flying over the water! It is very accessible and it is suitable for ages 10 and up. You do need to be able to swim well and be at ease in the water even though you are wearing a life jacket. Great fun and highly recommended!'

Bob Janssen


Come fly with us!


Watersport Center Bonaire

At Courtyard by Marriott

Kaya International 2

Kralendijk, Bonaire


+599 777 61 15

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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