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About us

Our crew has been living on Bonaire for over 20 years and they know the island like the back of their hand.


In 2002 we opened Bonaire's first ever Kiteschool: Kiteboarding Bonaire. In 2016 we opened Windhoek Resort and once we found balance in our businesses, we figured it was time for something new and exciting.

That's when E-Foil Bonaire was born, offering boat trips and e-foil sessions to all levels of experience.

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Meet our crew

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Co-founder & Captain

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Organizer & Co-founder

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Captain & Instructor




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Captain & Instructor



Captain & Instructor

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Captain & Instructor



Marketing & Design


It may look difficult, but e-foiling actually has a very short learning curve. Most beginners get themselves to stand on the board within only 30 minutes!

Whether you will be e-foiling on aone of our fliteboards or on our flitescooter, our professional instructors will guide you through the process step by step. From lying on the board, to kneeling and eventually standing up and foiling.

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It's all about 
the fun!

Your day starts from our pontoon boat, equipped with a watersports platform in front. This enables us to e-foil in deep waters, away from coral reefs.

During your session, you will stay close to the boat. That way you can follow our instructions without having to get off the fliteboard first.

Our watersports platform is equipped with stairs, which makes switching boards and riders super easy.


Get the most out of your e-foiling session and watch this tutorial in advance. It will definitely help.

From getting on the board, sitting on your knees and finally standing up and foiling - these videos each explain the process step by step.

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So, what are
you waiting for?

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